Sampled below are emails received from visitors. The names of those who could serve at the frontline have been protected. NorthKoreanChristians.com does NOT accept donations. For referrals to unaffiliated organizations that do, please click here.

"I am getting an increasing burden for North Korea ..." - Mitzi Minkler

"God is calling me to start doing some work in North Korea ..." - A Norwegian

"I have written to... the President..., both of my Senators ..." - Gary Zoren

"I have a place for [North Korean refugees]..." - German in Shanghai

"A growing burden for these people..." - Josh Barns

"I am on my knees..." - Gini Schmidt

"Serve as a missionary amongst North Koreans..." - YWAM

"What can an average middle-class American do..." - Joseph Morrone

"I plan on going to China to help at the border when I graduate..." - American Student

"The Lord put North Korean Christians HEAVY on my heart..." - Megan Gehlert

"Don't feel bad about making me cry..." - Andrew Swinnerton

"I must do something..." - Christopher Earl

"Many North Korean refugees ... find themselves in Bangkok..." - American in Thailand

"Give my life to spread the Gospel to the people of North Korea..." - American Male

"Reading your website has brought me much joy and sadness..." - Heather Cotner

"The tragedy we call North Korea..." - Robert Bass

"Minister unto the Korean people, especially the children..." - Brian Buckley

"Cut to my soul about the North Korean brothers and sisters in Christ" - Karen Kronbergs

"I would like to do what nobody else is willing to do..." - Polish Christian

"Costa Rica is praying!" - Raquel Hidalgo

"I'm 15 turning 16..." - Shellie Liddell

"Once my eyes had been opened to the injustice..." - Jeff Gilbert