(Email received January 9, 2013)


I am writing to you with the hope to get some information about some work with North Korean refugees. I have a big heart for the North Korean people, and somehow I want to join a full time project, to help people to get out, or to help people who already got out of the country.

I am 27 years old and from the west coast of Norway. I am a christian and I have visited North Korea. That trip was all about praying - walking around the places that our guides led us to, and spend time praying for the country, the people, the leaders and so on. Before the trip I already had "big feelings" for North Korea and the people because of the testimonies I had read. During my trip, my heart for the country just got bigger and bigger - to be there and look the people in the eyes, and just feel the atmosphere of heaviness all over the country.

I have been praying a lot since then. I didn't really wanted to go back because of the heaviness I felt when I was there. It was too strong and too scary. But slowly, my fear has disappeared, and my calling to go back just got stronger and stronger. And now, I have no doubt that it really is God's plan for me - and if it's God's plan, I can also be sure that I got nothing to fear, as long as I am walking in the directions he leads me, and walk through the doors he opens for me.

I recently quit my job and was being trained with a christian organization in Africa. But I returned home because I felt that God is calling me to start doing some work in North Korea instead. I don't really know where or how to begin, so now I am sending this email. I hope to find someone who can use me, or give me some contact persons. I speak Norwegian and English, and I am willing to start learning some basic Chinese or Korean, if that is what it takes to get me started.