(Email received May 30, 2013)

I am getting an increasing burden for North Korea. It started with a burden for China and then led to North Korea. I find your site and the links most helpful. I am going to start praying about being an intercessor for the N. Korean people & pray the Lord will teach us all to pray for His will and the power in setting these people free.

Diplomatic routes obviously haven't helped the N. Koreans so there must be other ways. I don't think the N. Koreans can free themselves from within as the stranglehold is too tight. I do see, however, that with great numbers of people involved we could bring down that insane regime.

I don't know how God will do it but I know that He will do it if we seek Him earnestly with our whole hearts. We know the N. Korean people cannot intervene for themselves because they can't even receive the gospel. So I'm going to start praying for the light to shine in the darkness, for floods of missionaries & bibles to pour in to N. Korea with food. I'm praying for the emancipation of the people languishing in the camps and that the brainwashing the people have suffered be overwhelmed by the knowledge of the Lord when His light shines forth into N. Korea. I'm going to pray that the government & the guards be brought to repentance amf they themselves hear & receive the Word of God.

I'm going to ask God to give us a battalion of intercessors to assault the spiritual stronghold there & bring forth His will. Fasting most likely will be needed and the most tried & ardent intercessors wanted. We can bombard the stronghold of N. Korea and watch miracles happen. It's time.

Mitzi Miinkler
Amarillo, Texas