If your reunification is achieved militarily, your country will again be flattened and set back half a century. If your reunification is peaceful and imminent, you will have to spend much of your accumulated wealth to rebuild North Korea.

While caution is understandable, there is a difference between caution and cowardice. Those are your compatriots being tortured, maimed and killed in North Korea, yet many of you are the ones trying to dampen both domestic and international efforts to help them? Shame on you! If you are that scared of offending the North Korean regime, what will you do if Kim Jong Un threatens to invade if you don't reunify under his rule?

If you don't have the courage to stand up to the North Korean regime, at least stand up for the North Korean refugees in China, including the girls and women who are being caught by the Chinese and sold to brothels or 'husbands' against their will.

Petition your government to help them more, and press the Chinese visitors to your country to petition their government to recognize North Korean refugees as refugees so that they can be flown to South Korea directly from China instead of hunting them down for months as they traverse China in hopes of reaching a more conscientious Southeast Asian nation.

To South Korean Christians

If you are involved in sheltering, feeding, clothing and evangelizing to North Korean refugees, including Christians, heartfelt encouragements to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the one being sheltered, fed and clothed as per Matthew 25:34-40.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who have turned a blind eye to the North Korean Christians out of fear for your own physical and/or economic safety, isn't God in control of war and reunification? Shouldn't you commit such things to Him and simply obey His command?

Of the estimated 100,000 North Korean refugees currently hiding in China, only about 100 are evacuated per month to South Korea? If every 140 of the 14 million South Korean Christians teamed up to evacuate to South Korea one refugee, at least the current backlog would clear.