Why I’ve Spent Half My Life Helping North Korea - January 16, 2018
American Christian serving the sick in North Korea.

Christian School Teaches Scions of the Elite in Atheist North Korea - May 29, 2017
American Christians staff Pyongyang University of Science and Technology.

Bible Balloon 'Offensive' Floats into North Korea - October 14, 2011
20th year anniversary of the Bible balloon ministry to North Korea.

North Korean Defectors Give Grim Testimony of Experience with China - September 30, 2010
Starving refugees forced back to North Korea where they are tortured, imprisoned and increasingly executed.

North Korea Executes Underground Church Leaders - August 19, 2010
North Korea executes 3 church leaders and the imprisons the remaining 20 members of their church.

'Pinpricks' of Truth Making Way into North Korea - April 26, 2010
60% of North Koreans can now access information beyond government propaganda.

Kim Seong Min: Good Morning Pyongyang - March 10, 2010
Defector-run and Seoul-based Free North Korea Radio broadcasts into North Korea.

Christian Refugees Question North Korean Regime's Claims - April 24, 2009
Defectors’ descriptions add to evidence of strong but severely persecuted church.

North Korea Dictator Orders Deadly Exit - March 6, 2008
North Korea executes 15 people to deter defections.

The Perilous Escape from North Korea - June 5, 2007
Increased Chinese and North Korean crackdown, missionary penetration of North Korea.

Vision Inspires Missionary to Return to North Korea - November 16, 2006
A North Korean woman returns to evangelize.

North Korea Church Gathers 3 or 4 at a Time - November 9, 2006
North Korean Christians becoming bolder in sharing the Gospel.

From Torturer to Tears: A North Korean Prison Warden Repents - November 2, 2006
Conversion of a North Korean gulag warden after witnessing the martyrdom of a boy missionary.

North Korea Teen's Faith Unstopped by Oppression - October 26, 2006
North Korean teenage missionaries nicknamed Pencil, Paper, Pen and Eraser.

North Korea Executes A Christian Army General - October 14, 2004
Execution of a North Korean army general for evangelizing.

Revealed: Gas Chamber Horrors of North Korea's Gulag - February 1, 2004
Gas chambers and human experimentation in the North Korean gulags.

North Korean And Chinese Atrocities Against Christians Worsens - May 7, 2003
Christians captured in China led back into North Korea by wires driven through their wrists and noses.

Underground Railway Brings A Glimmer of Hope to Secret Christians of N. Korea - January 29, 2003
Christian groups smuggling in Bibles, pastors being jailed and kidnapped in China.

Death, Terror in North Korea Gulag - January 15, 2003
Death, human experimentation and other atrocities in North Korean gulags the size of major cities.

Diary of A Mad Place - January 22, 2001
Story of Norbert Vollertsen, a German doctor's 18 months in North Korea.

Keeping the Faith, Underground - April 10, 2001
Smuggling in miniature Bibles, exposing fake official churches in North Korea.

Feeding the Dictator - August 6, 2001
Diversion of food aid by Kim Jong Il.