Kyeong Sook Cha - October 27, 2005
North Korean victim of rape and sexual trafficking, along with daughters, in China.

Hye Sook Kim - September 20, 2011
North Korean defects in 2009 after 28 years in a gulag for having been the granddaughter of a defector.

Soon Hee Ma - October 27, 2005
North Korean victim of sexual trafficking, along with daughters, in China.

Ahn Myong Chol- January 15, 2003
Former guard at the gulags recounts beatings, tortures, rapes, murders, drowning children, etc.

Bahng Mi Sun - September 23, 2010
North Korean victim of sexual trafficking in China, forced repatriation, torture and imprisonment.

Young Soon Kim - September 20, 2011
North Korean family decimated in gulag for having been friends with Kim Jong Il's mistress.

Six Former Security Agents - April 28, 2008
Excerpts from the testimonies of six former North Korean security agents, now defectors, about infiltrating Christian groups in North Korea and China.

Suzanne Scholte - September 20, 2011
Suzanne Scholte is not a defector, but a leading advocate, as exemplified by this recent testimony.

Carl Gershman - September 23, 2010
An advocate testifies about the erosion of the totalitarian control of North Korea.

Suzanne Scholte - December 8, 2005
Kim Jong Il using political prisons, information lockdown and access to food as control tools. 70-90% of female North Korean refugees in China are subjected to sexual slavery.

Hwang Jang Yop - 1999
Hwang Jang Yop was a high ranking North Korean communist, a mentor to Kim Jong Il and the architect of the Juche idea. Ideologically, he was to Kim Il Sung what Joseph Goebbels had been to Adolph Hitler. In 1999, Hwang Jang Yop defected from North Korea and testified on the following topics:

North Korean Preparations for War

True Picture of North Korea

Inter-Korean Relations

North Korea's Foreign Relations

North Korean Economy

Politics in North Korea

North Korean Society