(Email received June 15, 2012)

I have been following and praying for North Korea for several years now and just now came upon this website. I am not sure why it took so long, but I am thankful to God just the same. I will continue to pray and look forward to the day that the Lord is worshipped openly in NK. In the meantime, I'm putting myself in the presence of the Holy Spirit as He ministers to His children in homes, on the streets, in offices, in parks and in the prison camps. I am on my knees in the Spirit beside these believers, whom I anticipate meeting in great joy one day. Soon!! How greatly Jesus loves these faithful ones!! May God continue to strengthen them. May God break into the blindness of NK leaders who do not know God. May God frustrate the plans of the evil one. May the Glory of God burst out in joy in North Korea. Soon, Lord, please.

Gini Schmidt
Seattle, WA, USA
Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church