(Received August 24, 2008)

Hello, my name is Shellie Liddell, and I am 15 turning 16. I had to do a paper on an oppressed people group for my world history class and I chose North Korea christians. I read all about what is happening to them over there and it really moved me. At first it hurt to read about it, and I felt like God was calling me to do something about it. I couldn't bare to think that I would read whats going on and just do nothing. So I looked up how to help the North Korea christians for part of my essay and then I saw that I could help. I go to a christian school and I will make an announcement and possibly show a video to my whole school as soon as I can. I want to encourage those who are interested in simply writing a letter to some of the leaders. I was wondering if the leaders can read english? If they can't then what do we do or what happens? Please respond as soon as you can. Thank you and God bless.

Shellie Liddell