(Email received July 29, 2012) 

Dear Sir/Madam,

I'm currently living in China, and I speak basic Mandarin Chinese.

For a long time I have researched the North Korean situation, and mainly my interest is the role of China in the humanitarian aspect. I believe that the plight of refugees is one that needs urgent help. In Germany, I've attended information nights on North Korea, and I knew that if I'm able to do more, I should.

I'm currently living in a large apartment in the center of Shanghai where I have the space to host people. I'm also a member of the couch surfing group and occasionally hosts people.

I'm now trying to get in contact with people who are helping refugees to cross into Mongolia, or, by my knowledge also done and location-wise better suited, Thailand. If I could help by allowing refugees who are on their way to the border to take temporary shelter in a free safe house, I would be very willing to do so.

Do you have any information that could further lead me to get in touch with the so called 'underground train'? I'm willing to be scrutinized, answer questions and allow someone to scout my location, although I am wary of the Chinese government. I've made this e-mail account as a spoof account and I'm accessing it through a VPN.

If you have any information, or maybe that of someone who could lead me one step closer, your help would be greatly appreciated. If this form of help would be not beneficial, then I'd also like to hear, so I can stop searching.

With regards,

[Name Withheld]