(Email received October 18, 2009)


I´m Polish, living with my wife and two daughters. For few years now, I follow the situation in North Korea and Christians living there and in China. I don´t just want to seat at home and be a helpless witness to what´s going on there.

I do not have much to offer, since I´m not an educated person. Also financially God is blessing us just enough to pay our bills and make it to the end of the month.

But I am a fit man, who is ready to take risks and sacrifices. I would like to ask if you need any helpers to take care of North Korean refugees? It could be assisting in sheltering them or any other practical activity that perhaps nobody else is willing to do.

This request is not based on emotions or sudden desire to help. I dedicated my life to The Lord many years ago. I do not want to try to keep my life, but rather lay my life to keep it.

I have a wonderful wife and two daughters. They are 3 and 1 years old. To spend one day without them is a loss for me, but me and my family want to look at life from an eternal perspective.

In your website you wrote that most of the Western Christians are deceived with the prosperity teaching and often do not know or ignore the situation of North Korean Christians. I agree with you on that one.

But here I am, I have not much to offer, I have little money, I am not an activist type of person who would organize happenings etc. to support the cause. I am able to offer my time, come regulary to China or South Korea and do any practical job that is neccesery to help North Korean Christians.

I understand, that from your point of view, my request is rudiculous and I doubt that you could send a white man to China to do any work, but I just wanted to check and let you know that I´m ready if you need me. If this is God´s will, He will provide everything that's neccesery.

Hope to hear from you soon!

[Name Withheld]