(Email received March 29, 2012)

I like your site, I really do. I love to learn of North Korea considering God put such a huge love for them in my heart. I plan on going to China to help at the border when I graduate college in two years. I also plan to adopt from North Korea once it's open, which I hope will be soon!

But I will tell you this. I have friends from South Korea (I am in the US) and I know how much they love North Korea. I feel I should tell you your information isn't completely correct concerning South Korea. The country does care! Passionately. They go to China to get to the refugees before the Chinese do. They are doing what they can right now and are praying for God to open more doors so they can do more. I believe your site is awesome! I love it but don't put down South Korea so much when they are doing what they can until God moves.

[Name Withheld]