(Email received November 26, 2010)

Good evening,

I recently found your website by googling "Christians in North Korea." I've always had a heart for North Koreans, but have felt a strong burden for them since I became a born again Christian in January 2009, and now, most recently a very urgent burden that I cannot shake.

I am married to a believer and have a 13 yr old daughter who was recently saved. I live in Southern Oregon, where I have enough food, a warm home and plenty of clothing. I can speak openly of my faith, and although I am openly mocked, I have no idea what real persecution is. I have never gone hungry or cold for too long. I have a King James authorized Bible that I can carry openly wherever I go, and I can go to any bookstore and purchase one whenever I wish. I'm pretty spoiled when it comes down to it.

Reading your website has brought me much joy and sadness. It is inspiring hearing the testimonies of those that got saved, escaped and went back into North Korea... hearing stories of those brothers and sisters who willingly die for Christ with no qualms has made me realize that I got it pretty good here... and that I need to do more for the Lord. I am so humbled reading your site.

I understand the need to complete discretion in your mission work, and was hoping I can help in some way. I am in awe of these brothers and sisters who practice their faith in complete secret and rather than give up and say, too hard, continue on, even though it means certain death.. or worse, prison and torture. Their stories remind me of the first Christians.

Please let me know what I may do to be a blessing, and please let those who escape know that someone they've never met, thousands of miles away is praying for them. Please also let them know through their persecution and struggle, they are helping to strengthen the faith of someone who is "free". It's really important that you tell them that, even if you never contact me, cause I want them to know that they aren't suffering in vain.

Your Sister in Christ,

Heather Cotner